Recently U.S. based power metal has seen a  resurgence. And while the genre is by no means dominating the airwaves, bands like MILLENIAL REIGN are contenders to change all of that. This band has some definite QUEENSRYCHE, and METAL CHURCH influences. From the opening Epic sound scape of "The Genesis" to the keyboard infused sonic tapestry of the closing title track, "The Great Divide" this is one album you cannot afford not to have in your collection. Monumental tracks to metal days gone by with a definite look to the future. MILLENNIAL REIGN are on track to become members of an elite power metal hierarchy. A new metal dawn is beginning and this band is at the forefront of that movement.

9/10 Wolf Howls


Travis Wills  - Vocals
Dave Harvey - Guitars
Steve Nichols - Drums
Neil Bertrand - Bass

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Another hard rock gem from the unrelenting Frontiers records label. This time it is VEGA, a Melodic hard rock band hailing from the UK. "Only Human" is the bands 5th studio album. The most immediate impression is that VEGA is hands down one of the best sounding bands I've heard so far this year. Melodic hard rock, with a dash of modern aor, mixed with radio friendly vocals. This band, VEGA, is the best of all possible hard rock worlds. At times the vocals remind a little bit of the late great Ronnie James Dio.(Yes he's that good).Guitar shredding abounds but contained within a tasteful melodic approach. Check out the lead on "Mess You Made." This album rocks from start top finish. I can hear some serious DEF LEPPARD and maybe even a BON JOVI influence.Especially on "come Back Again". and " Standing Still"

9/10 Wolf Howls

 Vega---Only Human
available May 11th On Frontiers Records.

Nick Workman: Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic …

Marita- Bloodlust review


An interview with FAIRIES DEATH WALTZ

An interview with FAIRIES DEATH WALTZ Operatic Gothic Metal
Give us a brief history of the band.    After far too much coffee and YouTube, Jeff decided to combine two of his favorite musical styles, Opera and Metal. In the spring of 2017, he was joined by Mary, and the duo with the aid of temporary members proceeded to play and record "In the Mourning". Upon finding Tony and Nolan, the permanent lineup was completed in October 2017.

Describe your live show    Loud, different, theatrical. Our fans know that Mary may be tied up at one point in the show, or even fully suspended by ropes, or may be harassing and whipping the audience.
The writing process of "In the Mourning"    The songs, with the exception of "Your Ophelia", were written by Jeff during the fall of 2016. Generally, he composes as a whole, meaning the rhythms and melody are created at the same moment, usually scratched out in sheet music, with the words coming after. "Your Ophelia" is …

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Lyria Interview

 lyria  Lyria is fronted by the incredible mezzo soprano, ALINE HAPP. This symphonic alternative metal band is one of the brightest upcoming stars in the genre. Perfect melody intertwines with powerful metal. Lyria is very active across all social media channel and is one of a handful of younger bands that have a grasp on the new music industry. While other bands struggle with their online presence, lyria makes it look easy. We had Aline answer a few questions regarding the current status of Brazil's biggest underground sensation. The new album, immersion comes out April 11th. Be sure to get your copy!

 What is the band currently working on?
I am working on everything that involves the release of our new album, Immersion, which will be on April, 11. So, I am organizing the crowdfunding campaign rewards, scheduling concerts, promoting  events, answering interviews and the band is also practicing a lot for the concerts.
 describe your writing process. Is it one person with a riff or a …

Too Much Exposure

  Is the current ability for a band to saturate social media on a daily or even hourly basis a good thing or a bad thing? Some argue there is never too much exposure. That in order to survive the modern music industry you have to be active on all social media channels. But where do you limit yourself. Do you post nonstop to the point where your audience goes numb? This is mostly of concern to the younger bands. How do they handle the new normal? For older bands it becomes an amusing side note to what they do everyday. They don't need the exposure but they need to stay relevant and present something new to a younger audience. This becomes a game of sorts but it does not seem to overwhelm or flood the senses. It appears to be enjoyable to them and that translates as enjoyable to us.

     Younger bands however may feel pressured to post nonstop entry into the social media caliphate and not let anyone get a chance to breathe. And the content may be lost as well. Sure we want to know ab…

New Zone Single--Breathe

Many bands both old and new are struggling with the new ways of making,selling, and promoting music. Newcomers NEW ZONE have it nailed to a science. Equal to their age they understand the new way. They know what social media is and how to use it. This is a street smart band that is playing this by the new rules. And all on their own as far as I can tell.
      Impressive...most impressive.

Vocalist Nicole Willerton delivers a subtle burning seductiveness with her lyrics and delivery. Breathe is a killer modern symphonic alternative song. Easily placing this band alongside any band from the genre. They should and will be a worldwide sensation.

New Zone
10/10 Wolf Howls

New Zone's official music video for 'Breathe' is available now. Get the song at

Shiraz lane----Carnival days

Frontiers Music have released another bombastic gem upon the hard rock music world. Hailing from Finland this hard rock band is poised to become international superstars!
 Shiraz lane delivers pulse quickening,blood pumping Rock and roll. The album, CARNIVAL DAYS is chock full of creative and crystal clear melodic rock.

The production value is second to none. Check these guys out!
Stand out tunes include:
The Crown
Harder to Breathe
War Of Mine
Another home run from Frontiers!
8/10 Wolf Howls!!!

Holograms?...Yes or No?

The subject of hologram tours by dead artists is a little touchy. On the one hand it is a chance to see your favorite artist again playing on a concert stage. But to many it seems a little weird and maybe even a bit creepy. The DIO hologram looks cool but it must be weird for the musicians to be playing alongside a screen version of the iconic metal master. It creeps me out but that is my opinion. I saw DIO several times and those were killer shows.
      I suppose we can appreciate the technology. Certainly the vr aspect of  this type of concert experience should not be overlooked. Imagine having Lemmy playing next to you in your living room. But would you pay tickets to go see his hologram live? Not me. Bands like KISS might be better suited to immortalize and perpetuate their performance for generations to come as holograms. The stage show and production might allow the concert goer to experience so much more. But then again it boils down to supply and demand. Is their a true d…

Interview with Krimson Karma

Take us through the writing process.
- the process can be several options for us, example we come up with new
music just by rehearsing, another would be all based on how we feel.

Does everyone contribute?

What are your rehearsals like?
-Our rehearsals are amazing, we tend to make new music before and after

What bands influenced you the most?
-Dissection, Mayhem, Dark Forest, Agalloch, Enslaved, Dark Funeral, Lord
Belial, North Black, Mgla, Goatwhore, Lamb of God

In your ears, what makes a perfect song?
-A perfect song is like a good beer all the ingredients balance perfectly.

Interview With Krimson Karma

What key elements does it have to have?
-Solid Structure, Dynamic transitions, Hypnotic Melodies, Precise timing, cold
frigid and dark atmospheres.

Any subject matter you would not write about?
-Mainstream culture, Media control, anything that mainstream wants you to be
indoctrinated to.

Do you feel politics is something artists should weigh in on?

Something in your persona…

Conservative metal?

  The current climate of politics in the world is a breeding ground for great lyrics and album titles. Such calamity and uncertainty are perfect backdrops for a heavy metal soundtrack. But the question looms; is it where you want to really drag your listeners to? I mean if your a politically social band then of course continue on. But if your not then do you dare? The united states is so politically divided right now, would you risk alienating a segment of your fans? We can expect this from the established acts. They already know their demographic and its not changing. Bands like Springsteen and U2, and even Metallica are not going to grow their base. So for them, approaching a political spectrum is not going to affect them either way. But for lesser known bands is it OK? And what if your political personal views are not what the liberal media expects? Do you go the Ted Nugent route and just lay it all out or do you keep it hidden?
     Rock and roll is always supposed to be about the …

Ted Axe Interview

Check out this interview with Ted Axe! Take us through the writing process I pick up my guitar and play!Sometimes for a hours...Nada! But then I may get a cool chord progression or riff.I will record that on a portable cassette recorder(if it was good enough for The Beatles,it's good enough for me!)Then I'll start to sing ideas and melodies and record what I have.It might even be gibberish just something that sounds like it goes with the music.If I need to go out,I'll edit and re edit in my head and record again when I get back.This process can tale an hour or days!I'll reedit on paper until a story starts to engage and make sense.I have been lucky enough to have even dreamt songs while asleep as was the case in "Heaven" off my new album at Sex Horror Violence, by Ted Axe
Sex Horror Violence, by Ted Axe 11 track album How do you feel about social media and its influence over the music industry? Without social media,this interview would not exist nor t…